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    Science and technology become more advanced on a daily basis. In the era of speed, people need products and technologies that contribute to the accuracy, speed, and efficiency of their lives; undoubtedly nanotechnology is one of these technologies. It is obvious that this technology like other technologies has potential positive and negative effects; therefore identifying all of their aspects and specifying safe borders and red lines can play a crucial role in increasing the efficiency of nanotechnology and using it correctly.
    Nano safety is one of the issues which are considered in discussions related to EHS, and given the pioneering role of Iran in this technology, any overestimation or underestimation when dealing with potential risks can have a deep impact on the development of this important technology in the country. Today nanotechnology has introduced many research projects, applications and products in several areas such as health and medicine, agriculture and environment in Iran and in the world. Various products such as disinfectants and other nano products with applications in medicine, home appliances, clothing, agriculture and … aimed to improve the quality of life are either produced or imported into the country. Therefore, paying attention to the importance of nano products safety seems necessary.
    Fortunately today national and international approaches toward the issue of standards and safety of nanotechnology are effectively amplified, and are seriously focused and followed. Removing the obstacles in developing national and international laws and global approaches for determining the toxicity of engineered nano materials is the main purpose and demand put forward by the international institutions and organizations, particularly the committee in ISO.
    In Iran an initiative council is assigned to develop nanotechnology and is considered as the main and formal trustee in this regard. This council shoulders responsibility for safe application of the salient and increasing achievements of nanotechnology and has established and supported certain structures to guarantee the safety of nano products.
    One of the actions in this regard was forming the nanotechnology committee in the food and drug organization with cooperation of ministry of health and medical education, and the nanotechnology standardization committee in the ministry of agricultural Jihad which had fortunately positive and outstanding achievements in those areas. In addition, the INIC has established INSN in areas of safety, hygiene, health and environment to establish the necessary infrastructures and create a network of active and interested experts.
    Experts and centers across the country can contribute to this net within the defined frameworks by becoming a member. They can exchange experience, accumulate knowledge, and create synergy through the safety net, and provide the required conditions for supporting the country with regulation and statutes for safety, health, and environment.
    It is hoped that INSN can activate and deploy the scientific and research potentials of the country, and play an effective role in the safe development of nano products, and take useful steps in line with the defined objectives.